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At Shine Therapy Services we specialise in the delivery of services within educational settings, including mainstream, specialist and independent schools and pupil referral units.

Why do educational establishments need therapeutic input?

Special educational needs undermine the ability of children and young people to effectively access education. They can affect attention and concentration, the ability to sit and maintain posture, to listen and act on instructions, to read and write, and to communicate. The frustration often experienced as a result of these difficulties can also manifest itself in challenging behaviours that may disrupt the learning and safety of peers.

Our time in education underpins who we are, our access to career choices, our ability to make important life decisions, and our morals and values. It is therefore imperative that those with special educational needs are given the appropriate support to realise their maximum potential and also to prevent the education of others being affected.

It is estimated by the Department for Education that one in every five pupils in the North West has a special educational need[1]. From our experience we would suggest that this figure is conservative, particularly in those schools in local authority areas with high levels of economic and social deprivation. The prevalence of special educational needs in our schools presents teaching staff with significant challenges that they may not have the expertise or time to address themselves.

How can we help?

We provide schools with specialist services in occupational therapy, sensory integration, speech and language therapy and physiotherapy to facilitate improved access to learning for those with special educational needs.

We can be commissioned on a regular basis (weekly, monthly or termly) for a contracted number of hours as determined by the level of need.

Our services can comprise:

  • Individual pupil assessments
  • Individual / group therapy programmes
  • Individual / group therapy sessions
  • Regular pupil reviews
  • Ongoing support and advice for teaching staff
  • Training for teaching staff

Why choose us?

  • We have extensive experience of service delivery in educational settings; we are currently commissioned by 20+ mainstream schools.
  • We will work with you to develop a service plan tailored to your specific needs. This can provide a useful source of information for Ofsted or ISI inspections.
  • As a multi – disciplinary consultancy we offer a ‘one stop shop’ for therapy services and are able to provide a holistic approach to the support of children and young people.
  • Our therapy team has a breadth of experience which enables us to provide both general and specialised services.
  • We actively promote the professional development of our therapy team through clinical supervision, peer support and training.

What next?

If you have any questions, or would like further information about how our services could benefit your educational setting, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page.

We are happy to provide references from schools we are currently working with if these would be of interest. Please visit our testimonials section for some of the feedback we have received from schools about our services.

[1] Department for Education (2014) Children with Special Educational Need: An Analysis 2014 [Online] Available at